Are You Ready To Sell?

Happy 2018!!!

Holidays are already behind us and before we know spring will be here at our doorstep.

Have you been thinking of selling your home this spring? If you are, you are in luck. We are still in a seller’s market, and spring is the optimal time to sell a house. Because the real estate market is based on the principle of supply and demand, being in a market where there are more buyers than homes for sale, works to your advantage.

Here are some important factors to consider for a smooth selling process:

Interview Real Estate Agents

Your choice of a listing agent will make a huge difference in how quickly you will sell your home and for the most profit possible. I always recommend to interview several agents. An agent with a comprehensive marketing plan and knowledge of the market is KEY. Choose wisely and don’t just go with the one who tells you they can sell your property for the highest price; overpriced homes often sell for less than market value.

Improve Your Home

While you don’t necessarily have to do a major renovation (unless needed), you can approach minor repairs prior listing your home. Not all repairs/renovations will pay off, hence asking for professional guidance is important. Updating light fixtures, ceiling fans, door knobs and a fresh coat of paint are just some examples of sprucing up your most valuable asset.

Clear Away The Clutter/Depersonalize

While everyone has clutter, buyers want to have a vision of the house they are going to step in; a place where they can fantasize and view themselves living in. The choice is yours, you can hire a professional stager, have your real estate agent guidance or stage it yourself.

For more information on staging click hereĀ 


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