Simona's Blog posts • January 20, 2018

National Cheese Lover Day

Today, January 20th 2018, is National Cheese Lover Day!


I like to support local businesses, so I took this opportunity to visit one of my favorite places on the Island to shop for cheese and wine. Who doesn’t like this magical combination? 🙂


Cheese has such an interesting history, no one really knows when or where the first production started. There are a lot of references to cheese in Greek and Egyptian history. By the time of the Roman Empire, cheese was a widespread food and delicacy in Europe, and also in the Middle East. 


Today we are blessed (….blessed if you enjoy this yumminess) to enjoy different varieties of cheese. From soft to hard, and savory to sweet, you are able to find what best suits your taste in most stores. 


I went to Bayleaf, a local shop in the heart of Coupeville, and talked to Beth, the owner, about cheeses and their differences. It is the ultimate treat to shop for wine and other delicacies in the same place. The smell, and appetizing foods displayed on the shelves are inviting and alluring. If you were not hungry by the time you arrive here, you will be within a few minutes!


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