Simona's Blog posts March 22, 2018

Miss Oak Harbor Scholarship Program

If you didn’t know, Oak Harbor has a Miss Oak Harbor Scholarship Program and just a few days ago it was the crowning of Miss Oak Harbor, Teen Miss Oak Harbor and their Royal Courts.


I just learned about this great opportunity for our local ladies and took the chance to interview the founder of this amazing program.

Jes Walker-Wyse is the founder of Pageant Wyse Inc. and she, with the help of her friend River Powers, created this program four years ago.

By watching the above video, you will learn that Pageant Wyse Inc. is not a beauty pageant. The essence of the program is based on empowerment and self-development of these young adults. The contestants get graded on different aspects of their lives: academics, athletics, services…. these are just a few of the fields taken into consideration.

These young woman have the opportunity to have fun, gain confidence and also make new friends. They have the opportunity to show off their talents, overcome shyness, learn life skills and become well rounded citizens. And most of all there is the opportunity to win scholarships in the advancement of their education.

If you would like to know more about the program you can check its website here and the Facebook page here.