How to keep your sanity during Covid-19


If you are wondering how you can keep your sanity during  Covid-19 outbreak, you have come to the right place!

It seems just yesterday we received the news about this new respiratory disease first detected in China and now classified as “pandemic”. On March 16th the White House announced a program called “fifteen days to slow the spread”, which is a nationwide effort to slow down the spread of Corona-virus through the implementation of social distancing.

No man is an island, and it takes all type of people to make the world go round. Human beings are meant to be around other people, even the ones that sometimes drive us crazy. A lack of social support and emotional connections can have a strong effect on our mental health.

With work places, schools and other social gatherings shut down, we are finding ourselves in a new environment-one that we are not accustomed to and can be very hard on some.


Here some tips on how to cope with this temporary circumstances.


  • When working from home, establish a routine. Yes, hours may drastically differ from the usual office ones, but keeping structure gives us a sense of organization and guidance. By establishing structure, we wake up with a sense of ownership and order of our life. Make sure you drink plenty of water and munch on healthy snacks. Don’t forget to take a couple of breaks! Walking the dog or watering  plants are some examples.


  • Social distancing limits the ability to be physically close to someone, but doesn’t limit the ability to go “outside”. Make sure you spend some time enjoying the sun and the outdoors. We are so lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, where we are surrounded by a multitude of beautiful scenery in every direction. There are plenty of nature trails, State Parks, beach walks and just beautiful spots off the beaten path. Don’t feel like going out? If you are an art lover like me, here is a list of world known museums to visit from your own couch.


  • This may be the perfect time for those small house projects you have been putting off. Organize your shed or garage; give your yard a boost and prep your garden for the arrival of Spring; declutter your closet and organize it. If you are planning on slowly updating your home, painting walls, changing hardware and staining cabinets are small projects that can make a big difference to the eye.


  • During stressful times, our mind and body can suffer too. Self care should be a priority. First and foremost, eating healthy has great benefits for our body and well being. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and pack your meals with protein and the recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies. Reading books and listening to music, is proven to lower blood pressure and relax the body. Take a bubble bath, practice yoga, meditate or pray. Don’t forget to list things you are grateful for – in times like these, it is easier to fall into negativity. By reminding ourselves the things we are grateful for, we train our brain to produce more dopamine, which encourages the brain to “search” for more positivity.


” Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they are supposed to help you discover who you are”





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