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As many of you know, I live in Oak Harbor, but I regularly drive throughout the island both for work and pleasure. This past Saturday I decided to take some time off and ventured towards the South end of the Island, to the seaside village of Langley.

Located on the Salish Sea with views of snow-capped mountain, Langley is such a unique and quaint little town that offers plenty of things to see while being filled with cute little boutiques.

What makes this charming town even more charming is the large amount of bunnies hopping around from morning to evening! These small creatures seem to be undisturbed and so used to human interaction that will just nom on some grassy patch right beside you.

Bunnies in Langley

Another characteristic of this small town is the abundance of art.

The “Whidbey Art Gallery” was established in 1992 and offers a variety of work from several local artist. Check them out here

You can also enjoy extensive scenery filled with outdoor sculptures while strolling around town.

Sculpture and art

I am a chocolate fanatic hence one of my favorite stop is ” Sweet Mona’s Chocolates”.

For almost 15 years this local business has been producing amazing confections using the finest ingredients. Every time I enter the shop it reminds me of Europe and feel somewhat at home. Bonus? You can order on line and they ship their delicious chocolates too!

Sweet Mona’s Chocolate here¬†¬†Sweet Mona Chocolates

After grabbing some delicious treats I went to have lunch to what is now a new favorite of mine

Ultra House

If you love traditional Japanese Ramen, this is the place for you. This cute little restaurant offers quite the variety of ramen, craft beers, sake and plenty of snacks.

I ordered the Tori Chicken Ramen and it was to die for. I highly recommend you make a stop!

Japanese style ramen

Langley became officially a city in 1975 and yet it hasn’t lost its rural and friendly character.

In a fast paced world it is refreshing to find hidden gems throughout the country.

Pacific north west towns


Recommendations? I would love to hear!



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