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Simona's Blog posts A Touch of Dutch   Hello Friends! If you are a sweet tooth enthusiast for unique and imported goodies, make sure to not miss out this little gem in the heart of Coupeville. Located at 11 NW Frontstreet, just a short distance from the Wharf, this adorable shop is the ultimate destination for any sweet cravings you may have. […]
Simona's Blog posts Baseball in Whidbey Island   Hello friends! Many Americans enjoy baseball, whether it’s the regular season, the offseason or the playoffs, they just can’t get enough. Did you know that baseball evolved from older bat and ball games already played in England in the mid 18th century? The game was brought by immigrants to North America, where it was […]
Simona's Blog posts PNW Vibes Hello Friends! What a beautiful place we live in! And what a great way to showcase its beauty in local and unique articles that you can find in one of the local shops in downtown Oak Harbor. Located at The Loft, on 715 Fidalgo Avenue and Dock Street, PNW Vibes is just the ultimate shopping […]
Simona's Blog posts Kingfisher Bookstore Hello Friends! I don’t know about you, but I love gifting people books. Books make great gifts and are sometimes overlooked, especially in our increasingly digital society – they can have special meanings, can be enjoyed anywhere and as American author Garrison Keillor states ” A book is a gift you can open again and […]
Simona's Blog posts Woof – Who let the dogs out? Hello friends, walking your dog regularly provides a basic foundation for mental and physical health. Leaving these lovely creatures for too long in the house can lead to depression, boredom and/or destructive behavior. Your dog depends on you to take him/her outside and explore the world with new smells, sights and the overall outdoors. Walking […]
Simona's Blog posts Dancing Fish Vineyards – Freeland Hello Friends!    Some fellow brokers and I were recently invited to a private event and when I found out about the location I was indeed excited about it. Between the South end of Holmes Harbor and Mutiny Bay there is a little corner of heaven for all the wine lovers: “Dancing Fish Vineyards”.  Surrounded […]
Simona's Blog posts Langley – Whidbey Island Getaway   Hello Friends! As many of you know, I live in Oak Harbor, but I regularly drive throughout the island both for work and pleasure. This past Saturday I decided to take some time off and ventured towards the South end of the Island, to the seaside village of Langley. Located on the Salish Sea […]
Simona's Blog posts Spring Cleaning   Happiness is … a freshly cleaned house! Surely, we are dealing with a global pandemic, but since we are stuck indoor more than usual, we can take advantage of this opportunity and give some attention to our biggest and most valuable asset: OUR HOME!   INDOOR Dust crown moldings, light fixtures and ceiling fans. […]
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Simona's Blog posts Chuckanut Drive – A Detour Worth Taking   After living in Whidbey Island for a few years I finally decided to venture out and take the cliff-hugging drive along the Chuckanut Drive, a detour worth taking. SR11 is a 21.28 mile long highway that serves Skagit and Whatcom counties, in Washington. I started the drive in Edison, the town of kindness, and […]
Simona's Blog posts Six Hard Truths of Selling your Home       You may be aware of the fact that we are in a HOT Seller’s Market with low inventory, however let’s not forget that in order to maximize the value of the property we need to face some hard truths.   Make sure your Realtor knows the current market conditions – I always […]
Simona's Blog posts Septic System Care   A septic system is a delicate biological machine. It functions because of the actions of bacteria and properties of the soil. If not maintained, this biological machine could shut down, a very unpleasant and costly setback. Therefore, it is crucial to care for your septic system by watching what goes down the drain, reducing […]
Simona's Blog posts “Bayleaf on Whidbey”   Does food make you happy? It sure brings a big smile to my face and one of my favorite go-to places here in Whidbey Island is Bayleaf on Whidbey. Located in Downtown Coupeville, Bayleaf is so much more than a store! It is heaven for the foodies, for the wine lovers and for anyone […]
Simona's Blog posts Seabolt’s Smokehouse Restaurant   Located in the heart of Oak Harbor, Seabolt’s Smokehouse is a family owned business in operation since 1978. Seabolt’s Smokehouse products are produced without any added preservatives or artificial flavors. Their salmon is cured to perfection and smoked slowly in their smokers using only locally grown alder wood to guarantee a great flavor and […]
Simona's Blog posts Little Town Cottage in Oak Harbor   Located in the heart of Oak Harbor – at 851 SE Pioneer Way – resides a store full of charm and pleasant scents. Little Town Cottage is a local business run by owner Maria Rodriguez for the last two years. The care and dedication involved are apparent the moment you step through the door. […]
Simona's Blog posts Hardwood Floor Restoration Because of their natural appearance, hardwood flooring has always been a popular and preferred choice among homeowners. Nice hardwood floors can add value to your home, but unfortunately they are often neglected and end up dull and rough looking. Fortunately, through the process of refinishing and restoration, it is possible to bring your hardwood back […]
Simona's Blog posts Whidbey Beer Works Did you know that the town of Oak Harbor has its own specialty beer store? Well, if you didn’t, you should definitely check out Whidbey Beer Works!  Here, at this local shop, I met Greg, the owner of the business, and let me tell you… he is one of the nicest person you will meet […]
Simona's Blog posts Selling Vacant Land   Last month we talked about purchasing vacant land. But what about selling? Here are some things to consider when selling raw land.   BE PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDABLE   ALLOW YOURSELF TO UNDERSTAND THE POTENTIAL BUYER’S CONCERNS   INCLUDE PHOTOS OF THE PROPERTY   PRICING   Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you […]
Simona's Blog posts Miss Oak Harbor Scholarship Program If you didn’t know, Oak Harbor has a Miss Oak Harbor Scholarship Program and just a few days ago it was the crowning of Miss Oak Harbor, Teen Miss Oak Harbor and their Royal Courts.   I just learned about this great opportunity for our local ladies and took the chance to interview the founder […]
Simona's Blog posts Purchasing Vacant Land   Ahhhh, the lovely earthy scent produced by the rain or the morning dew, the buzzing of the bees and the many of shades of green enchanting the view. Who doesn’t like to be immersed into nature and fantasize about living in it? If you are one of the many Americans that would love to […]
Simona's Blog posts Becoming an American Citizen February 14th is traditionally known to be a day filled with flowers, chocolates and shared love stories. This year, instead of celebrating a customary Valentine’s Day, I commemorated a NEW event in my life, I became a US CITIZEN! After living in the Unites States for nearly 14 years, last May I finally made the […]